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So, I'm pretty fresh here and would like some help. I have seen the bounty list but haven't seen anything explaining what the Bounty List is. If I could have some help, that would be great.

a bounty is where a text appears under someone's usertitle ingame.when its their turn,the persons bounty will appear.i have a friend dogface12,and his bounty says"rub behind my ears please."you can buy these for a low price.most of them only cost 100 TC.
A bounty is fairly self explanatory. A price (TC) is placed on someones head and they are added to the hit-list. Defeating someone who has a bounty placed on their head will allow you to collect the TC that was placed on them. The user text appears underneath a persons name only after they were defeated in battle and someone claimed the bounty.

You can place a bounty on someone here - http://forum.toribash.com/tori_bounty.php