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I need a long term spar techer pwezz
If you read the title I hope you are here to help me learn to spar.I know the basic's ive watched mocucha's videos on how to spar and parkour but I cant figure out how to maintain balance get up kick or punch without an EPIC FAIL. I also find myself using my hands to much when sparing and it makes it look stupid.(by using my hands I mean doing hand stands and things) I want to learn how to spar so badly.I can run but cant jump punch or kick transferring from the run.i also find myself really looking like a dying dolphin when I spar.

P.S THIS IS MY ALT MY MAIN IS zeolyninja (it got banned until the 24th)

I'm on all day on weekends and 3:00pm to 8:00pm on week days(my time zone is gmt)

my discord is zeolyninja#6077 message me on there if I don't respond here

also I am a 2nd dan if that means anything so I have a pretty good knowledge on my joints

those are the best spars I have done p.s the one with brucce we were not talking that's why it looked like that and the one titled cool was not a spar but I made it look like one on my part
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Hey there man! Although I know very little about sparring, I can recommend that you look at our list of teachers here: http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=559233

If you click on the drop down that says "List of known teachers", you can scroll down and see that there is a section of teachers dedicated to helping people learn sparring. Hope you find the right teacher, good luck!


If some how you arent able to get in touch with anyone on the list, I'll be happy to help you learn the basics, sparring is one of my favor things to do in TB besides Parkouring.