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I attempted a scoot cork in toribash but failed horribly. Can anyone give me any advice for the twist?
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You should let your tori lean up a bit more before contracting your hip, try leaning just a little bit on the leg you're standing on when you're corking. It'll help stop you from rotating when you raise your leg for the jump. There is a great replay from Chilledon which demonstrates a cork. Watch what he does and try emulating it.
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Excellent attempt! The first thing i saw was your feet, use the foot you launch off of to gain the height and twist you're looking for. try extending to gain more power. Also, stay lower to the ground before you start the spin. here's a great tutorial for you to take a look at! Please feel free to check it out!
This was actually a great attempt, for a beginner

Though here are some tips that hopefully might help you out in the future

tips or whatever and yah

Well, I'm in a way kind of new to toribash tricking aswell but I've been tricking irl enough to know some stuff about this.
I edited your replay and did the scoot cork to let ya know where ya kind of went wrong.

Well first up your setup for the scoot was great, a nice basic start to help, but as you're setting up your cork you lifted your arm up too high making your upper body too low to take off for that potentially sexy ass cork. And one thing I noticed you contracted your right hip as soon as your left leg touched the floor, keep in mind this in a way would kill momentum, judging from how you were positioned.

Usually, for a cork you'd want to have your upper body up, preferably extend your abs, and have both hands lowered and the leg you're gonna swing with extended/held till the right moment, once you're able to time contracting the hip you're gonna swing with, try lifting up both arms with the leg that's swinging so it's in sync and gives you enough height.

For rotation I would say you rotate your chest to the direction your rotating by just a bit, doesn't have to be fully. And when you take off keep in mind to contract the knee you're taking off with for that boost on your rotation/flip.

Hopefully this made some sense to you, it's quite late and I've had a long day so Idk if this made any sense. But if it did, I hope it helped aswell. Learn from the edit I made of your replay or watch other people's tricking replays for help.

Best of luck!
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I would also set the tf to 1 if you diden't try it already. It gives a lot more freedom with your moves

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Holding the shift key while spacing will have the same effect as what insanity said.
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