Re: afk detection
I once played an AFK player not knowing he was AFK. I did a huge throw and messed up my landing, so the AFK guy won because he was still in the air.

Then I found out he was AFK and I was like orz.
Re: afk detection
Originally Posted by Ephphatha
If an afk player beats you in toribash, you're doing it wrong :P

Are you kidding? Most of the people i've fought on here always try to go straight for an attack, which means you've either gotta counter it or prepare to boune around armless. So half the time with AFKers you go to dodge franticly and end up hopping around trying to live while they take forever to go down!
Re: afk detection
I was trying to think of a way to do an "afk" post, and decided that it was impossible.
hmm, idea for humourous post lost, o well.
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