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Disqualification bug
Hi all,

I've noticed that in some matches DQ is not properly detected. It seems this may be a lag problem, but pulling off a move only to have your opponent's head bounce off the ground without being DQ'ed can really ruin the fun for me no matter what the cause is. I've just left a match where my opponent and I REPEATEDLY forced eachother in a situation where a DQ should occur, but didn't. This is by far the most annoying bug in the game I've seen so far.
Re: Disqualification bug
I've also seen this happen, it's quite anoying.

In addition I have attached a replay with exactly the opposite problem. The blue player does an opening move that starts with a jump and lands almost perfectly back on his feet, only to be DQ'ed incorrectly.

EDIT: I've just seen the thread that explains the foot though floor problem here:

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