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Question about performance...
I'm using a 733mhz p3 with an 8mb videocard. You'd think this would suffice for a game that has virtually no textures and very little use of objects, yet I get very poor performance in both windowed and full screen. Is there anyway to at least get my input to not lag? It takes anywhere between .5 and 2 seconds to register a single mouse click sometimes.

Any help would be appreciated.
Re: Question about performance...
Hi Ayechess,

Make sure you have hardware accelerated OpenGL graphics. You might need to update the driver for your graphics card to get this.

When the game is paused and the physics isn't being calculated you should be able to hit 50-60 fps if you have OpenGL hardware acceleration.

I play toribash on a fairly low end laptop with onboard graphics card and it works fine.


Re: Question about performance...
Well, I'm a dolt when it comes to hardware...I've looked at my system config and it says ATI Rage Mobility PCI version 5.0.2195.5036. I can't find jack on ati's site for my card to possibly update drivers, nor can I find out if it's really a 128 m1, m2, etc...I feel like updating hardware without having programmed the drivers for it yourself are quite annoying, especially for older hardware...anyone want to help me by pointing me in the right direction? I've been going through a runround now for an hour. The one place where I thought I had found the solution wanted to charge me 30 USD! WTF!

At least if nothing else, does anyone know if my card even CAN support open GL? I couldn't even find the answer to that simple question either.
Re: Question about performance...
okay, just tried that demo. It works fine, got a pretty steady 20-25 fps. However, the fps dropped to zero when the graphics weren't very pretty (i.e. wireframe). I'm wondering if this could be the cause of the computer not liking toribash (other than the fact it's ancient).

I give props to the designers trying to make this run on lower end systems, but I guess it just isn't my day. Maybe I should just wait for a nintendo DS version (hahaha..yeah right!)

Anyway, thanks for the help. Maybe I'll play you guys next year.
Re: Question about performance...
The drivers for you card should be on the ATI web site
try this link(asuming you using XP), i have a feeling it won't work though https://support.ati.com/ics/support/...ge&folderID=27

If it doesn't go to: http://www.ati.com/support/driver.html then <you operating system> -> RAGE -> then select the closest match.

although toribash doesn't use DirectX, might still be worth checking that you have the latest version of it as well.

Hope that helps
Re: Question about performance...
well, after some research, what i found was is that my card is basically a rage pro but with features designed for batteries (i.e. run on batteries = lower performance) and that the driver i have is newer than the regular rage pro drivers. I also downloaded dx9c yesterday as well (I REFUSE to get anything newer from microshaft because of their stupid 'genuine advantage' bs service packs which are required now to download any updates. My next machiine is going to be linux and win98 only anyhow, so screw gates. ...especially if a linux port of this game is in the future. ;)

anyway, thanks.