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Small graphics related question
Just wondering if there is any way to reduce the graphics quality of Toribash (a truly amazing game btw). I get a good 40-50 fps when at the start of a turn and when I hit space it goes down to about 8-10...then it goes back up to 40-50 when I'm making my move again. Is there anything I can do to possibly make this run a bit faster?

Thanks very much and keep up the excellent work!

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Re: Small graphics related question
Well, before you ask that question :P Update your video cards drivers and get the latest everything for your computer. Otherwise, you may have to look at upgrading.
At the time being, there is no way to reduce the graphics for Toribash and I doubt there will ever be a pirority to do it. There has been plenty of people with the same problem as yours and they seem to have gotten it fixed by updating the software. Have a look around the support forum and you may find other peoples ideas.
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Re: Small graphics related question
If you have a semi-descent graphics card the CPU is the next bottle neck. The physics is calculated in realtime and can get very slow when there are alot of collisions.

To keep up the frame rate a 60 fps, you need atleast a 2Ghz. My 1Ghz laptop that I play on handles the game ok, but with some slowdowns, especially on Judo servers.

Re: Small graphics related question
My average fps is like 20-30 when there's action and I got a 2.8Ghz cpu
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