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Two Years Later
Hey everyone. Glad to back in this game as I progress through college. I stopped playing two years ago because of school and work. I am now majoring in Engineering Science and Economics. Only have two years to go. I'm also a UPS Driver which is pretty neat.

So what's changed the past two years? I've been playing recently and recognized many players and see new staff members.
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Dargon Moderated Message:
Infracted for having the best goddamn replays in Toribash history.

Welcome back, but as per the rules

1. Don't make threads if you're not a new/previously inactive member
Please don't make threads if you are not new to the forum. Making threads in this board is for newcomers and old previously inactive members (two years or older) to introduce/reintroduce themselves.

You've been posting here and there, some gaps but within the two year mark.

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