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I don't know what I'm doing but I'm here. Again.
Greetings, salutations, .... . -. .-.. ---

I'm a minor from Argentina. I'm not revealing my age but you can tell I'm older than 13. Really stupid, really creative for anything but this game, music composer with 1 year of experience (prefers to make trap), amateur artist, can't move more than 10 inches forward, huge nerd, wants to play D&D, huge fan of Tokyo Machine/Avicii/Imagine Dragons/Shinedown/Kanye West, can own you in this little game called math, way too self-conscious for anyone's liking.

No one might recognize it, but I'm the owner of the old account LucarioSky. I've been playing this game since 2013 from what I remember. Don't worry, I don't remember crap. I even forgot how to punch.

I have a Twitter and YouTube, I guess. (@QuanticMorgan) I have music commissions open and the details are pinned in my page. I hope to have fun again because last time I did not for the major part of my stay in the game.

From what I remember, my favorite mod was uh... Judo?
Toribash please let us have names longer than 8 characters