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Shaders are on :-D
29 Votes / 27.10%
Shaders are on after disabling some graphics features :-)
18 Votes / 16.82%
Shaders are off even after disabling all graphics features :-(
52 Votes / 48.60%
Toribash crashes :-o
8 Votes / 7.48%
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Toribash 3.05, 3.051 - still have problems ?

Toribash 3.05 can be downloaded from

Toribash 3.05 major improvements:
* Increased support for older graphics cards
* Improved performance (shaders mainly)
* Ability to disable some shaders graphics features to increase higher frame rate.
* Fix for curl problem under OSX (Happens for some players)

Your graphics card still can't run with shaders on ?

1. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card (can be downloaded from the card manufacturer's website)

2. NEW: Toribash 3.051 fix for Windows
(Deprecated: please see version 3.06)

3. If it fails:
Please post here what graphics card and operating system you have:
For Windows: Go to start, then the Run command, enter dxdiag
For Mac: Click the apple icon, go to "About This Mac" and click more Info. You should see it under hardware->Graphics/Displays

Toribash freezes ?
Please let it run for a bit. in some cases switching to shaders after the game started causes it to freeze for a bit.

Toribash crashes ?
The file stderr.txt, which is in the folder you installed Toribash to, can help us know what the problem is.
If it contains the message 'SDL parachute deployed' , please make sure you have the latest version of the drivers for your graphics card. (Can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website)

I'm adding a poll to help us know whats our status
Thank you in advance for participating !
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