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Toribash 3.8 Beta 3
If you are not on IRC here is the link for Beta 3.8. Please post any bugs you find in this thread if you want to report them

I recommend installing beta version into a separate folder.

To upload textures for this beta release use the following link:

New Features:
- new and faster non-shader graphics
- tradeable textures (
- new flame forge interface (ctrl-L)
- faster particles
- better looking shadows
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If you install it in another location then it wont replace the old one.

Vox sucks
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I am playing it now.
So far nothing is wrong with it.
What are the new features?

edit: I went into multiplayer. Everything is fine there but when I came out and went to single player, uke had taken all the items of the person I was fighting.
It isn't coming off......
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ohh' beta 3! ^o^

I use it ;-;


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Uh. When I restarted toribash uke had tori's head.

Keeping you updated ;)

edit: Textures don't work do they? I tried to download uke's textures but I only ended up downloading his items.
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The right click user interaction(whisper, kick etc) seems to be borked

Edit: eh, the tori_textures2.php actually needed tc to test - good one
Edit: btw textures work if you use the tori_textures2.php to upload

EDIT3: can't seem to be able to load jousting.tbm : created server -> /set mod jousting.tbm -> got aikido.tbm -> tried copying over the old mod folder -> same result -> works with live version

EDIT: For me atleast there is no more FPS loss when having flames on the screen - no enough to change the fps at least - geforce 8400M
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Hey the shaders actually look alot better. Nice job.

Except for all the other problems I listed before.

Still testing it.
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What's the deal with having to purchase the textures again at ??
EDIT: No check box for transparency under shader options
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The tori_texture link don`t work; cant upload textures
Online Texture "Fuckup"; you get the ITEMS of the player before you, NO Textures
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