View Poll Results: I set shaders to 1 on Toribash 3.05 and..
Shaders are on :-D
29 Votes / 27.10%
Shaders are on after disabling some graphics features :-)
18 Votes / 16.82%
Shaders are off even after disabling all graphics features :-(
52 Votes / 48.60%
Toribash crashes :-o
8 Votes / 7.48%
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ook ty?
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Thankyou DEVS!

My ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 (128mb integrated) card runs shaders!

i cant vote that it works on the poll as i already voted on 3.05. :/

Oh, but it does not run perfectly (sorta expected that tho) when i set fluid blood on 1, the blood is invisable, when i set soft shadows on 1, it goes to non-shaders, and when i set shaders on, i have to try at least 3 times, it doesnt work sometimes for some reason. rofl... i dont rly care about that stuff so much, but the problem i am having with it is if i rotate the camera, black shapes seem to flash on the screen every so often... Graphical lag?

Anyway, dont care so much about it as it is quick and doesnt matter too much, but would suck to see if i am making a video. -.-

But still, i am stoked to have shaders!
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Great to know that !
I'll open a new thread (and poll) for it in a few minutes, and close this thread.

In the new thread the version will be 3.06, but it's identical to 3.051 (Except that the 'help' text is removed)
Originally Posted by bloodbath View Post

is nobody gona help me?

at least tell me if this graphics card will suport shaders or not


Sorry, I closed the thread before anyone could reply.
I read the specs for your card, it does support OpenGL extensions and shaders, but I'm not sure it can run the shaders that were written for Toribash - it's worth trying however -
Can you try with 3.06 ? It is less restrictive on running shaders.
I opened a new thread for it and made it sticky.