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How to Throw
There is an art to throwing. Most people will try to push their opponent downwards, or pull them upwards. However, they're stupid. Not like me.

The key to throwing properly is knowing about balance. Example... let's say you grab your opponent and they raise a leg to kick. They would automatically topple over to that side, seeing as how there's no leg on the floor. But, you can help them with that

Okay. You and your opponent have grabbed hands. Your opponent has their left leg up. YOU WANT TO THROW THEIR UPPER BODY TO THE LEFT AND SWEEP THEIR LEGS OUT. The method I use most often is to extend abs to begin lifting them slightly, (a slight lift always helps if they're currently on the floor) and rotate my chest to the left, I either extend or contract my hips to keep my legs perfectly underneath my center of gravity, I extend my left pec and contract my right, allowing all but my right shoulder on my right arm to go limp, raise my right shoulder, lower my left shoulder, and finally, extend my ankles. That entire process is one turn. After that, just slowly tweak everything so that their head is pushed downwards.

The other secret to throwing someone is to know what each separate muscle can do for you... and that will take time. But, I've managed to become very good at it, although I'm probably bragging too much again.

Sorry, for a tutorial, this really should be easier...
Re: How to Throw
Nice tutorial, keep it up, in the mean time, I'll practice the art of throwing people. ;)
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Re: How to Throw
'Tis a good tutorial, maybe an example pic/replay would be in place too, to give the general idea to the newbies that can't quite visualize it?
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Re: How to Throw
I have some replays, finally.

All throws were done using the general tutorial's ideas.

Except maybe the last one... but I love that replay. That, by the way, is why people Ph34r_t3h_ManBreakfast.

Now... the first is exactly how to cleanly execute a throw. The second is how to do it in multi, and notice the way I manage to spin around my opponent, while still landing on top of them. That is important. The third is a bit different, where I actually stood on the floor and used my opponent's momentum to whirl them around my leg. If there was more time in the match, that would be an even better replay, but whatever. The fourth, I just had to post. Not really in the tutorial.

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