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Way of the Kitsune! (extension of "learn to use your power")
Many of you may know my tutorial "learn to use your power!" this is a new tutorial, based on the new game, as i didn't update that one for a long time... I'll leave this on trail and if it's good enough I'll replace my old tutorial with this, once completed and i have around 5 replays I'll start a voting poll on the two tutorials.


first off, your not really meant to read all of this tutorial it's to big for you to bother to cover, i strongly suggest that you go to the part that you need to know, it's all pretty clearly labeled so that anyone can find there way around this.

if something you need isn't here, just post a reply to this topic and I'll add it in personally, I'll also add your name to the credits list at the end so that everyone knows you helped in the making of this tutorial.

--The basics.--

I) controls
II) a toribash player
III) movement
IV) Single player
V) sum up.

I) Controls.

OK well this can be listed very simply so i wont go into to much detail here.

Z = hold/relax a joint
X = add force to a joint
C = hold / relax all
L = while moused over a wrist this will set a hand to grab on or off
Space bar = proceed one turn
Shift+space = proceed one frame
P = play / stop
Shift + P = (press P during a replay then Shift + p to continue on one frame)

wasd or arrow keys = change camera
1234 = standard camera angles
5 = your POV (point of view)
6 = your opponents POV

G = ghost on/off
B = opponents ghost on/off
N = new game
R = replay game
E = edit replay
I = debug mode
F = save replay
T = talk
ESC = back/menu/quit

mouse wheel (force on joint)
mouse click left (hold/relax) (grab on/off)

well i bet you never knew there where so many buttons? that's only the beginning, now i will cover the standard key setup.
I personally always have the game setup on "mouse buttons: 2" now your thinking "wtf dose that mean?" well, first you got to learn about the main menu.

when you start the game, you are given a list of options;

they are fairly standard which is useful, single player, quit, and "setup" should be all you need right now... we will cover more later.

Quit: well, you quit the game >.>
Single player: you play against uke. (don't do multiplayer yet.)
SETUP: the menu where you decide everything.

now, I'm gonna assume you have a demo account for now, eventually I'll tell you what the difference between demo & full is but for now demo will do

your setup menu should look a little like this:

your "nick" is your in game name, chose one, if you don't your automatic name will be "playerID####" where # = a number

the Reg key is what turns you from demo to full, I'll talk about that at the very end.

Mouse buttons; this is the style of game play, i find MB 1 is a bit annoying, so from here on out everything i say will revolve around you having mouse button 2.

music: simply music on or off.

everything else that is in pink is only available to people that have a reg key.

right now that you have mouse button 2, lets start playing the frigging game! YEA! headbang


the toribash player is made from joints, ligaments and a head. based on the actual human body it's similar to what you can do, if you where stronger and in lower gravity moving slowly.

to move the body, you must put force on the joints. every game you start with everything relaxed. however for beginners, it's easier to start holding all joints, so pressing C will help as i explained in the controls.

a useful thing to know is that by clicking on hands, or mousing over the wrists and pressing L can set that hand to grab, it can then grab your self, or the opponent, but not the floor. also when your arm or leg falls off, only the red joints can't move, all joins broken off can still move, so if you lost your hole arm at the shoulder, you can still grab, contract and extend the wrist, and elbow.

understanding the TB (toribash) body is very important, mouse over every join while in play, and in the middle bottom of your screen it will tell you what the joint is called, and what it is doing, find out the name of EVERY joint.



OK, now that you know the toribash body and that it can move... lets move it... go crazy, get your mouse and wheel up and down over nearly all of the joints, and then press space a few times.

did you fall over? well that was expected, my first game on TB was just silly so i wont go into that =P

anyway, in doing that you can learn something, (this doesn't happen on demo but it will in multiplayer!) if you hit the ground with anything apart from your hands or feet then you get 'DQ'ed' (Disqualified) this is one way of winning the game, make your opponent hit the ground first. another is to have more points. you get points for break, hitting or damaging your opponent. you can't loose points but your opponent can get them by hitting you.

OK, well i can hardly expect for you to come up with everything on your own, so I'll give you a very basic move, that can be used with the general settings to start you off.. also while reading this you will learn the standard way move lists are set up, and then when you start making your own moves, you can tell people them by doing this

C (hold all)
Contract left hip (mouse wheel up)
Extend right ankle (mouse wheel down)
Contract right knee (mouse wheel down)
Extend Right hip (mouse wheel down)
Space bar x4 (hit the space bar 4 times)

nice eh? you just kicked Ukes arm off if everything went well, if not post a reply and I'll help you personally.

well, that's a cool move... but just how useful is it? it's great for single player... but in multiplayer you would probably die... it's an easy move to block, the foot could be grabbed, and ripped off! or they could go for your arms and head, arms are VERY easy to rip off, and as a result they are a common target.

well, after that you can just use that move over and over, but it gets boring, try doing some of your own stuff, or modify that move!

if you can't find anything cool to do, here's a great tip:
Go into the "replays" section of the main menu (to get back there just press Esc) then look at a few of the replays, these might give you ideas on move... heck if there's no one about just mess around in your room thinking up moves :P. useful; maybe. embarrassing; possibly.



Single player is very basically you battling uke, although it can be expanded at times. my clicking on uke you can edit what uke dose, so you can test your moves against your self... also this can be good for making replays. in single player you test your self to the limits of what you can do, invent moves, destroy rag dolls, and even repeatedly watch the same replay over and over =P

tips for creating moves in single player:

press B and watch the ghost! it's NEVER wrong... (unless the game glitches which normally is rare.)
try everything!
create moves which damage the opponent on the first 3 moves that was you can strike first in multiplayer.



remember that you can refer the that control section any time. you may need to later on.
remember that single player is very different from multiplayer
remember that I'll always be using "mouse buttons 2" but ever other setting as default.
remember to use grab it can be very helpful
remember broken limbs can still move!



I) replays?
II) watching them.
III) saving them.
IV) finding them.
V) editing them.


in toribash, a great function for showing off your awesomeness, is to save replays. also you can watch other people replays to learn new moves, and to help make your own...

to watch a replay it must be in the replay folder, I'll cover that in section IV, but for now lets just accept that they are there anyway...
first go to the main menu, then select "replays" this will then generate a list of replays that are on your computer, you can scroll up and down the list, which is automatically listed in alphabetical order. and once you find one that looks interestingly named, click it to watch it.

also to watch a replay, if you download a replay it may save to your desktop, in which case it wont be in your replay list... so to watch that one just double click it and toribash will open it.

while watching a replay you can stop the replay by pressing P, then start again by pressing P again, shift P makes the replay go on one frame only, clicking one of the characters allows you to edit what they are doing, also pressing E allows this, and R restarts the replay.

to save a replay, while playing in single player or multi just press F, give it a name and author then press enter, this replay will appear on the replays list and in your replay folder. you can then show it to anyone

this all depends on where you installed toribash to, if your a guy who thinks "i don't care where it is as long as it works!" then you probably hit the default, meaning it should be in: "C:/program files/toribash2.4/replays" just go in there and they should all be lines up for you to use.

i don't understand editing replays it's not what I'm good at, there is a tutorial here that tells all about this, but it's not recommended for a new player.



I) starting a game.
II) playing multiplayer.
III) the servers.
IV) chatting.
V) demo vs registered, the showdown.


Well, to start off go to the main menu and click "multi player" you should get this (without the annotations)

OK well, that's a big list of nothing to you right now... but really it's quite simple to learn...
here is a list of the annotations and what that part of the list is...

1: this is the server IP to port, this is only useful when you start making your own server, just understand it as the directions to the server...
2: this is a small detail of the server...
on the left number of player over max players (5/10)
on the right total frame over frames per turn
3: the name of the server... if this has "Demo" on it anyone can enter it, if it has "pro" on it only registered players can enter.
4: this is the refresh list, to see who's in a server the game has to refresh.. to refresh press "R" but when you click "multiplayer" after
opening toribash it should automatically refresh the first time... the "X" is the server currently being refreshed.
5: this is an in depth detail of the server, it tells you if you can DQ, if you can Grab other players starting distance, and other things.
6: this is who is already playing in that server, I'll talk about that in section II
7: this is the current action being performed by the server, so if it says "refreshing" it's refreshing, this also helps you in game.
8: if this says "DEMO" you are still a demo player, getting "full" can be a big bonus to how you play!


OK, so, a good place to start is "demo classic" it has exactly the same rules and single player except you cant move one frame at a time, can't edit the opponent, your under timed conditions (reaction time) and your playing against someone else... however you can still press "B" to see the opponents ghost!

once you click on, you will enter the player list...

you know the drill, I'll go through and explain 1 to 10... you read.

1: this is the players name, on the left is blue (the new player) on the right is red (winner of the last round) in the next fight the next
person on the list would fight the winner of this fight...#

2: this is the number of points that player has...

3: this refers to how long the player has been playing, you may only save your belt color and rank by becoming registered.
Belt: the more matches you play, the better your belt color, white = worst, black = best... but then you can get black 2nd Dan to 5th
Dan... which means you have played even longer, to get black belt you need 1000 plays, to get BB 5th Dan you need 5000.

Rank: this is a ratio of wins to looses, the more you win the higher your rank... the more you loose the lower.

4: this is the frame count... in this case there are 30 frames to go, but also if you look closely there is a soft grayish circle that gets smaller, when it disappears your time is up, even if you don't press space the match will continue... the length of this is determined by "reaction time" as mentioned earlyer.

5: this is how many times this player has won in a row, this person has won 2 fights in a row this time...

6: this is very important, it's the players in this server... the 2 in the top box are playing now... the 4 in the bottom are waiting to
play... it's a queuing system... every time a battle finishes the looser goes to the bottom, the person at the top gets to play the winner
of the last battle, and the others go up the q.
the name highlighted in green is you.

7: these are the players playing... while you wait you can watch them, the one in yellow has already pressed space... and there fore if you press "B" you can see what he is going to do =)

8: this is the chat log, you can talk to people here by pressing "t" then typing what you want to say... also there are some functions
that you can use with the chat box... I'll cover this in section IV

9: this tells you that your still waiting, or that it's your turn and that you need to press space to start your turn.

10: Finlay, this is the FPS count, maximum is 60, and the higher the FPS (frames per second) the faster the game is going, if it starts
going low try closing a few other applications.

OK, now your in and then your comes to your turn, press space to start it... and then make your first move... remember that if you press space then you opponent only has to press B to see your next move, so it's best not to press space until your opponent has, or the reaction time runs out. keep playing and practicing at this, make your own style, and list of starter moves. and use them to win


all servers are different, and knowing the server will help you to win..

classic: same as demo setting in single player.
Judo: most widely played server, more people play judo than any other, and most pro's play judo. in this you start close to the enemy,
70 frames go on per turn, and ankles + wrists don't DQ
Teak Kyon: this is a long ranged game, hard to play and complicated, however some people prefer this to judo.
Wushu: a long ranged game with no grabbing. pros who don't play judo play this. also fracture is enabled!
jousting: invented by my self, this game you start far away and you are thrown at the opponent.
Sumo: your fat and you can't grab, also if you fall outside of the ring and touch the ground with any part of your body you DQ.
no friction you can ignore this for now :P

for more details on servers go Here

chatting is a great feature of the game, you can talk of the chat system by pressing "T" and then typing, but there are also a few commands you can use in it.


/spec (spectate) = you get taken off the player list and you can watch people play and talk, useful if you go AFK (away from keyboard)
/enter = you enter back into the player list if you where spectating.
/emote = you can make your toribash player say something, this wont appear in the chat log, instead it will appear above your players character.

chatting = fun... =)


OK well, it's high time i got onto why to buy toribash...

what you get if you buy:

join mod servers and pro servers.
upload your own head texture, rather than looking like uke or tori. (covered later)
buy your own blood color to show off.
reserve your name so no one else can use it.
get into cool clans. (I'll cover that later)
get the power to POV RAY screen shots and movies.
save your belt color and ranking.

all that for only like $20... and that's not per month, it's a one time only payment of $20... that's only about £11...

if you want to buy toribash, go here.


--Extra things.--


all toribash heads can be bought from people that make them... i can make them but i don't often... however go to the marketplace and find a shot to buy one with "forum credits" with...

or, if you want to, make your own head with this
that also shows how to upload your head.



there are many clans in the toribash world, i my self belong to the best clan [Fluff] =P
but scroll down the forums a bit and look at the clans section, read them, and then talk to them, if you like that ask if you can join!



many modifications of the game have been and are being made. go to the mod section of the forums to download them then put them in:
"C:/program files/toribash2.4/data/mods" then run "ToriLaunch.exe" to chose the mod you want to use.



in certain games, like wushu fracture is enabled, this means that if you get hit hard instead of break apart, your bone goes limp and it can bend in any direction.


Well, if you just read all of that i suggest you take a rest, the next bit is even harder.

Re: Way of the Kitsune!
sorry for the double post, but i have to, the tutorial is to long for one post, as the maximum number of characters in a post is 20,000.


Advanced toribash.

Right, there's no order for this, it's one big gulp of learning to be a pro toribash player:

First off, to be a pro you must learn your own style, there are many styles of the toribash world, and the 2 main sections that these fit into are "Limp" and "tense". "limp" is to never hold all, to move without holding, this is a very favored pro technique, and maximises defence... while tense is a way to fight that is fast, damaging and intensely powerful, however you can break your self in the process.

Personally i prefer to use both limp and tense depending on the situation, my style is to asses the opponents attack, asses my chance of blocking it, and the to move in a way that defends me and confuses the opponent... your style can be anything, even stolen from a movie if you like =)

once you have a style things will start falling into place, but you still got to work at it to become the best. things that you need to consider while fighting are:

if on the next turn you will snap from strain
if you will be hit
if you will touch the ground
how much weight you are putting on your legs/arms
how badly damaged you already are
if you can hit the opponent

and make sure you do it in that order... i see many people dieing from my attacks because of my collateral damage style, what my style dose is it damages the opponent just enough so if they put to much strain on it, it will break... remember damage CAN add up on your limbs and when they are damaged they break real easy.

a thing people find hard is to save them selves from hitting the ground, all i can say on that is remember to watch your ghost, if it says that you will hit the ground, you will... in that case move a foot or hand over that to stop your self.


Advanced limb movement.

while you can stop your self if you have enough time, often you don't have enough time, so you got to learn to dance in toribash to avoid hitting the ground... DQ is the most common way to lose. and I'm telling you now, dancing is important to this game, if you can dance you can move faster than the opponent, practice this ALL the time so that you can learn what to move where.

Double grabbing:
if the opponent has grabbed your hand, you can make use of this nasty trick, a hand may only be grabbing onto one thing at a time, but if they grab you you can still grab something else...

say they grab your hand and then contract, your arm is stuck on there chest, so set it onto grab and you rip there arm off and then run away with it

Super rotation:
this is a VERY powerful attack, often referred to as "the nukem", where both characters kick each other... they both swing at each other with all of there body making a huge force build up, known for being the most powerful move in toribash... almost...

Counter rotation:
by thrusting one leg one way, and the other, the other way, you can build up even more power than the nukem, and only one person has to move... it's deadly, and easy... however this is one you got to figure out for your self ;)


move your chest and lumbar allot, they can help you out of sticky situations
your neck and abs control your motion forwards and backwards... they are central to fighting.

wrists break VERY easily, make sure to grab, AND un-grab at the right time, and nearly always relax your wrists.

if you find ground rapidly approaching put your arms and legs out to stop it, NOT i repeat NOT only one arm, if the opponent has hit that arm, it will break on contact with the ground and you will die.

ALLWAYS relax a limb if it's about to be hit hard.

remember all that and you should be able to formulate a strategy to never DQ and to always win!

a final note; try to outsmart your opponent, do something they don't expect, sometimes completely random movement can help incredible amounts.

Re: Way of the Kitsune!
Hehe, nice tutorial in the making, when its finished I will call on the power on the moderator to sticky it :P

Good work!
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Re: Way of the Kitsune!
urr. no, however i'll add the shift P thing in l8r when i cover replays...
Re: Way of the Kitsune! (extension of "learn to use your power")
i haven't actually read this yet, I'll fix all of that when i re read.... stop annoying me about spelling...

tutorial keeps getting longer, if i miss a part from a section or miss explain something tell me pls.

Mr.pop pleas delete your post it's in the way, i exceeded the max length of 20,000 characters in the tut so i need to put it over 2 lol.

OK for now tut done, go ahead and point out any stupid things i did or haven't done.
Re: Way of the Kitsune! (extension of "learn to use your power")
Ty much. i will reformat all of this tomorrow make it more clear etc.

i can still add things in tomorrow so keep suggesting things.
Re: Way of the Kitsune! (extension of "learn to use your power")
how about explaining what mods are and what jousting is
(thats the question i hear most from "noobs")
Re: Way of the Kitsune! (extension of "learn to use your power")
Great job on the tutorial VOX.
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