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[Forum] How to accept and setup a clan war
I've seen some people that have read the expect ecto thread and still don't understand the clan war system even after me explaining to them, so I decided to make a detailed guide on how to accept and setup a clan war.

You will see this header.

Click on the heading that says "Clans"

Click on "Wars"

This will take you to the part where you setup a war, there are two things that can happen now.

You can send someone an invite.
This is usually how I set mine up.

First to = How many games you need to win.
Maximum Games = I set this to double the amount of the first to, eg. first to 7 would be maximum games =14.
Lead By = How many games you need to win by to win.

Or you can accept an invitation someone has sent you, double click on the invitation which looks like this


Then accept it.

When you've done this, click declare war, then click load items and either accept prize or offer the opponent a prize. Both clans need to accept prize before the war will start.
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