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CutterChop ABD Tutorials
Hello Toribash players! I'm CutterChop : )
i just want to help
So I present this Thread, It will be about aikido techniques how to Balance Your tori, how to counter various stuff, openers for new players or for those who want a specific opener as a snap kick and advanced noob clap, etc...
basic joint movements(very important for new players), advanced single-joint movements specifically wrists many mess up, using them. if you're shy to ask a noob question don't complain about it feel free to ask
Let's start


Countering lifts

Right now this is a small idea ill be expanding with various stuff when I have the time they are ready ill just have to
edit them in, I hope u guys learned something today and please tell me the results(if there is anything wrong(grammar,others) please do tell me so I can fix as-well)

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Ay nice tutorial cutter. You should keep it up !
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notsbeew's tutorial... Snap kick + grab OR kick + grab = ez win. cat gang
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Ay nice tutorial cutter. You should keep it up !

thanks my friend ill be adding more stuff but ill like some to suggest the stuff they are struggling with so i can have something in mind that is of value but for now ill be adding stuff here and there