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How to turn opener code like (hhhhhhhhhhhh++) to moves.
Before we start this, make sure that you have movememory.lua on your toribash folder.

1. Open
2. Copy the opener you want to load. example:


3. Open Notepad.exe, Paste it into Notepad
4. Select Edit > Find And Repalce or the shortcut is CTRL+H
5. All you have to do is now replacing the letters into numbers.

f = 0
b = 1
h = 2
r = 3
- = 0
+ = 1

the result is : 2000133131101101010111

Now, how to load it ingame?

1. Open toribash game folder.
2. Move to folder data -> script
3. There is a notepad file called moves.txt , open it.
4. Move to the end of the line, and add a new line
5. Type


change nameopener to whatever you want
and change the numbers to the result you've received earlier.

then ctrl+s (save) , load movememory.lua script in-game
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