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Moving platforms
So u wanna make moving platforms in mod maker huh? Well you ve come to the right place here s what you ll need:
-2 objects, one is going to be sliding and one floating
-1 joint object
-another 2 objects that are going to limit your sliding objects movement on one axis
Now, let s get to the fun part, think of the place you want your platform to move in, and both limits. We re going to set their bounce value to 1.
Now you have this, 2 static objects parallel to each other. Now we ll place our sliding object.
This is gonna be a bit more difficult. First it s going to be sliding perpendicular to the 2 walls we just placed at all times, second it s going to have no friction with the ground so we ll set the friction coefficient to -100000, third we don t want it s movement to be affected by the floating object so i recommend setting the mass to something like 1 or 10 instead of the normal 0.1, fourth we re going to use thrust frames to give it an initial speed which it s going to keep forever while bouncing in between the walls, the axis the thrust is acting on is the same as the one we would get by connecting the 2 walls with a perpendicular line(note we can also have diagonal going platforms and such but it would require a bit of math and i might explain that in a future tutorial), we re going the set the thrust frames to a value higher than the number of frames the rules have because we don t want it to act again, only once. We re also going this cube a bounce value of 1.

This is how the map should look at this point (you can have the cube start wherever as long as it s in between the 2 walls). I included the adv proprieties for reference, i m using a mass of 1.00. You can test the mod to see if your cube (or whatever shape you choose) is bouncing between the walls.
Now let s place the floating platform: u can place it wherever above the sliding object as long as it doesn t hit the walls, as such i would recommend making the sliding object and the floating one the same dimensions at least on the axis between the walls.
So we re going to place right above our sliding object and give it a very small mass, the minimum is 0.0001 so set it to that, u can set friction to normal because this is what your tori is going to interact with.
Now we re going to connect our sliding object and our floating platform using a joint object, we re going to place it closer to our floating object to reduce wobbling due to the moment of force caused by acting on it (this is why having a high mass sliding object also helps).

This is how it looks, if you test the mod now the platform should move with no wobblines and bounce perfectly.
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and that it wasn t too complicated, i wanted to include everything needed. If the post contains errors or you re encountering an issue make sure to post it here i ll try to respond as quick as i can.
Note: u can have the sliding object where ever you want, it can also be above the object, on an invisible ceiling.
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