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Most usefull move in abd "The Setup" (Advanced abd tuto)
Hello guys, Today i'll show you the most advanced abd move.
[Disclaimer] If you can't do simple moves in abd don't try this one
Also, i'll not give information for each jointure, you guys should already know how to move your tori in the way you want. Also i got a pretty bad english i'll try to explain with gifs

Why is it far in the learning progress of an abd player ?

You realy need to understand how ground control work and how to change mometum of one part of your body using wrist pecs chest rotation and a perfect stance. To get a perfect stance every single part of your body is important for your balance

What is a setup

A setup is the moment when you got the perfect stance, one leg on the ground one in air, your body turned totaly on a way that your ground control can almost be unbeatable.

Why do we use it ?

For a lot of thing like, setup lift, setup suplex, counter lift , counter player that play with huge momentum, counter suplex + save at edge

And why is it that good ? The fact you manage your balance with 1 leg mean that you can save with 1 leg and at edge it become godly usefull, also if somebody lift you when you do a proper setup he'll lift himself basicly and you would just need to backstep to lift him out

... and What's the weakness ? If done well, a good strike with an aim on your leg or arm at the right moment and you're dead.
Also any leggrab that you give to oppenent can make you lose.
So remember everytime use it when both hand are grabs.

Ok it's time to get to the hard part.

How i do that ?

Simpliest way is to train vs a lift opener with a noobclap

First put momentum to push forward and get this position, the important here, is to extend the glutes so you can contract them, also the pecs need to be extend or hold, so you can pull them the next turn, try to get your leg in the way of the screen

When you're here, pull it so you can get your gravity point at a better position

Once you archieve this position, it's the perfect moment to either safe play if you not sure about the outcome like that


Or set a backstep to end in a lift

I know it's kinda raw information, but best way to learn is to try it yourself.

Train a lot to do setup with clap vs a lot of openers to get used to it. When you're used to it you can use them to pull saves at edge and win.

Like that :