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Making TB Videos/Montages - Simplified

Here's how I make my videos! Hopefully it'll be some help!

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Great tutorial, I really like the simplicity and how you tackled the basics of a clean and cinematic montage.

With that being said I think there are couple of things to be pointed out/briefly touched upon.

1. Render your video at the same framerate as your recording is recorded at. If you cap the recording at 30 fps, rendering the whole montage at 60 fps will be basically pointless.

2. Be very cautious about the music you pick. Youtube is really iffy about copyrighted music and having a copyrighted song in your montage can get your video demonetized, taken down or even yield a strike on your channel. I'm pointing this out because sometimes even uncopyrighted song can get copyrighted months, or even years later and basically have the same effect on your video or channel.

3. Motion blur. Motion blur is essential in making fluid montages look cool, but too much motion blur can have a devastating effect on the final product.

4. For more control over your keyframes while recording a replay I would suggest getting Expertcam (though I'm unsure if it would work on the current version, then again you can totally use an older version to just record replays). Moop made a very nice tutorial on how to use Expertcam here:
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