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+Whats wrong with REP?
1st. Sometimes I get +1 points and sometimes -34 points from players?!?
like now,i had 14 and now i have -20 after 1 negative rep.
Is that a glitch/bug?

2nd sometimes if i add bad reputation,the text show the same like if i add positive reputation.

3rd In th user CP there are 3 types of REP dots green, grey and red.
well red means bad rep added, green means good rep added,and the grey??

Please can someone post me the link to that REP update details?

well gray means like your in the middle your not good or bad i dont know about the other glitches
i created the ??? emoji
like a lighter bitch we ignit
Rep received depends on who gives the rep. Not a glitch. Grey simply means no value.
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The rep was also taken from the previous time the system was released. So maybe some of the points came from the last rep system.
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The more positive rep you have, the more repping power you have. So, hypothetically a person with +10 rep can rep like 1 point, while a person with like +500rep has like 40 rep power. So if they -rep you, you can be a -40 in one -rep.

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