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한국 인을 위한 토리바시도 만들어달라-help me foreigner~
한국인 님덜아 힘을 합쳐서 번역이나 합시당
[email protected]

여기로 쪽지 보내주시면 친추해서 서로 공유합니다~~

Hello, foreigners~~ I'm korean. but I really need your help.

My english ability is not good. so i didn know many things.

please give me recommend what I give you questions.

if you help me I will love you...

Firstly, I want to get
Replay2Instructions -reverse engineer replays!
I can't enter this web.. I don know beacuse.
also, cant download

and want to download some scrip that i can analysis some replay
Goooooood and genius guys please help me....

If it doent have recommend, I will cry. kidding. really help me please~~
If you didn't understand he wants to reverse engineer replays to look at how they were done. I'll try and find an alternate way to do this.