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+How do I use a shader?
How do I use a shader? Iv tryed using the commands and it says "Unable to load shader/ bla bla bla
please help
After activating the basic shaders, you'll ahev to use /lws shadername.inc.

To find out the shadernames, go into data/shaders and check the names there.

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Its not working
Ive clicked on the "shaders" button, but when I close the options window, the shaders dont appear, then I back to the menu, and the shaders are not selected.
Ive tried to input "/lws shadersname.inc." but did not work too.
Your video card is too bad for shaders

or you don't have drivers installed for your video card

Read the "Toribash premium graphics" thread under "FAQ" board, it teaches you all you need to know