Battle Pass
Well if you use paint, it will look godawful.

+ the files need to be .tga, which paint doesn't support.
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uhh... it all opens in like 6 different things. how do u make it open in one like you have

I found !! photoshop have a problem with the tga
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It opens in 6 different things as thats what makes the menu up. He took an in-game screenshot of it.

You could just make the whole menu in the file Background.TGA and blank out all the other ones.
just to show you, mine always turn out sexier than anyone elses, for it was I that started the custom title screenies
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i made a nice one with photoshop but now i only have GIMP.
can i still make em?
and would they look nice?
GIMP supports .TGA, you can make them in any graphics program that supports .TGA.
hey I could use some help I changed the color and now it does not show up (I colorized it should I not have done that?)pls help.
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I use ppt
I use PowerPoint for all my picture editing (i dont know how to use photoshop well) even though ppt isnt a photo-editing program, i can do a decent job with the different picture editing tools it has.