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A kinda newb? I dunno.
Umm hi I am a green belt, if I remember right. And I am new to the forums and I don't know CRAP about this place. All I know is about the icons, smilies, title and typing. Could someone please get me started on the forum stuff like /jo and the Tube thing? Thanks, and I am sorry if I anger anyone because I am not exactly a newb.
Oh yeah, and my name is Zeepkills and I play normally Judo in the intermediate section. Sorry for the lack of introduction, I am new to forums...
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Lucario can play Toribash too and would probably own players.
Welcome to the party!

I'm new here too, but also a noob at the game (also playing in rooms labeled "intermediate", tried judo once, got wrecked, good times). Hopefully someone more knowledgable than myself will show up soon with some answers for you. In the meantime, it's nice to meet you
Hi, welcome! I'm not new but I suck at this game :v, anyways, welcome again! Hope you have fun here!
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Welcome zeep! Hopefully you'll get used to the forums here.
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Welcome and what you mean with /jo You mean Ingame Commands ? ? Pm me If you want Help I will try out my best if you have Problems and Questions.
Try that Link for Ingame commands.
Welcome to the most addictive game ever existent, i wish that you get fun, and bye.
Keep walking