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Metealic has entered the battle!!
Hey guys and gals, the names Metealic!
Rating: Newbie/10

I really want to learn the ropes around here, so I can constantly get better.

P.S. : If you have any cool/funny/nonsensical replays, post em'! Id love to see them!
Hello Metealic!

I like your name, your personality to write.
Actually, you have a lot of jobs to grow:
*Martial Arts/Spar/Parkour/Freerunning
*Forum Posting<-------------------------\
*Moderating(this goes after doing this)-|
*Competitive mods
Good luck and welcome to the ToriInternet
Running away...
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welcome to the forum,lad,'ere,'ave a fishy stick

God dammit crash. Anyway, welcome to the community!