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How to post replays, add images to posts, add links and more!
How to post replays, add images to posts, and more! all here!

ok, replays, there are not pictures in this so i will be as disscriptive as i can...

1: click reply
2: type up your message
3: look below the message replying box, there are to buttons, post and preview, ignore those and look to the left, there should __be "Additional Options" with a plus... click this
4:now a drop down should apear, click additional ops should close this, don't do that though, click "Browse" to find your replay, it should be in: C:programfiles\toribash\replays\(yourreplay)
5: to add more replays click "more attachments"
6: 4 attachments max
7: ziping replays and posting lots of them is allowed but disscoraged


right adding an image to a post, easy realy...

kk first i sujest you get the image, then, get a free photobucket account.
now all u got todo is upload the image to phtobucket, and it will come up with a few links under the upload, select and copy all of the IMG one.
last step, past the text in ur post, and hallaluya u have an image, this also works for ur sig and for your avatar.

note this also works with animations!!


(([ IMG ][ /IMG ]))

now for the amazing cool'o'links as posted by: Foxie


easy tutorial:

type "[url" to start your link...
typeing the = sign so u can attuly make a link, so you now got "[url =" (no space tho)
now all u gota do is type your link, ie. "http://youramazinglinkofomg"
then to end your link you put a "]" so now u got [url =youramazinglink]
now to make cool text.

IE. kill me in this game

to add ur text just type in what u want the message to be, that's not to hard is it?
now what u gota do is finish off the long codeing: [ /url]

EXAMPLE WITH SPACES (take the spaces out to make this work..., only the highlighted text can have spaces

[ url = ] TORIIIIBASSHH [ /url ]
(without spaces