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Market bug when selling items via purchase request for 5 or 500 TC.
Yesterday I was attempting to sell an Orc Force via market request for 5 TC. In the pop up that lets you select the item for sale it said "You receive 5" and "Buyer pays 6". When hitting the sell button instead of successfully selling the item it instead listed the item in my shop. Just now I went back to the market and someone was offering 7 TC for the Orc Force, when I went to sell to this person this time it said "You receive 6" and "Buyer pays 7", this sale went through successfully. I've seen the exact same behavior when attempting to sell my 128x128 Stomach Texture just now to someone offering 500, it instead says "Buyer pays 501" and lists the item upon clicking sell. I was then able to sell to someone offering 98.

Something I've found out just this minute is that when creating a "New Sale Offer" it is impossible to have the buyer pay 5 or 500 TC, as it changes to 6 or 501 respectively. Conversely, when creating a "New Buy Request" you can offer to pay 5 or 500 TC, this must be where the disconnect is.

Edit: It also happens with a price of 60 TC.

Edit: And 71 TC.

SUPER EDIT: Ok, so it's whenever the number in the "You receive:" text box ends in a 5. Example: Put 10005 in the "You receive:" text box, the "Buyer pays:" text box is autofilled with 11006. Now roll the buyer pays number back by 1, 11005, unfocus the text box and it'll tick back up to 11006.
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Not exactly a bug, this has to do with the way market sell tax works. Premium shop owners can set any price and sell for exactly that value, regular shops have to pay 10% tax.