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9 Tips for newbies
OK here is some tips to you new people.

1. No nub clapping. That means don't contract both pecs and grab.
2. No uke on wushu, judo, or other mod. Means don't just freeze
3. Try to move at least 3 joints per turn.
4. To learn good moves go to a private made room, and just watch the pros at it. Try to study their moves and stuff.
5. Get some peoples replays and study their replays.
6. If this isn't against the rules, get the movesaver.lua script and save moves from other players. I don't need to do that though, and to find the script just use search button.
7. Don't run in wushu, or judo.
8. Don't camp in wushu, or judo
9. Don't shovel in aikido.

Forum Tips:
If you don't want to be hated, here are some tips:
1. Don't act nubbish.
2. Don't spam alot.
3. Don't beg.
4. Don't ask stupid questions.

Ok, some of these tips are useful to the new people. Please leave a comment and thank you for reading!
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