Ewerybody haves those oun style, someone relaxing all, someone holding all and somone is on the middle on it.
But the most inportant is to don't copying/stealing styles of other guys, that is (only one) rule of your style.
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I think being in the middle might be best because relaxing all, you would most like get dismembered within the first couple of frames. But starting with relax all or hold all and holding certain joints and relaxing some, you can focus all your power on one of you joints while the others are protected. This would instead of focusing all power on one joint and some other joints to move it you are just using ONE joint to boom kick into them.
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I always use full relax though, but after 2 moves almost everything is contracted or extended or something.
Mostly in singlepayer i use balanced though, seems to inflict big ass damage on Uke.

Good luck =)