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A guide to useful constuctive criticism
Hi, i've noticed that people have been posting in the art board and various other art organizations with unhelpful CnC such as "That's nice 9/10" or "I don't like the colours 4/10" or anything in that area, this is a guide of somesort into helping you give people much better constructive criticism, leading into better art for the creator. Here are some examples of some good constructive criticism.

And some examples of bad constructive criticism.

Make sure you're explaining fully and into detail what you're talking about, you could also add links or images too point it out more.
Thoroughly examine either the texture, sig, gfx, w/e and check for either anything small or big that would make the texture that much more nicer if it were fixed.
Pointing out your ideas and thoughts is always good too, and if it's not nice they still always have the original.

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The problem with these comments(Links above) is that they don't effectively present a way to improve the art, they merely state that they enjoy it. The purpose of commenting on a thread is to critique the art. Now, the word "critique" in this context is a verb meaning to provide a detailed evaluation. The tutorial focuses mainly on the fact that many players have begun posting their approval, or disapproval even, without any reason as to why they approve or disapprove of it (the evaulation part). While opinions are welcome, comments solely stating approval or disapproval can effectively be shared by the viewer and recieved by the artist via private messaging.

I know this is short, but it was definetely needed, thanks for taking the time to read this and remember to help out the (other)artists as much as possible.

If anyone has something they would like to add to this, PM me and i'll add it in if I deem it useful.
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