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[Solved] Glitch??
Ok so i was dueling real panda and it kept entering me and him and i just looked at his trans history and it sshows him losing 5k for every time he lost like the afk penalty the glitch happend to me to and my friend to so do i gotto return real's tc and he has 0tc b/c the duel and afk penalty pls help :c Idk who put it on b/c it was a gm tourney and after it was over the gms opped everyone and it was a crazy banning and unbanned thing.
As for all the cases relating to AFK penalties; just don't be AFK and you won't be penalized.

Realpanda lost 30k through the process, but I don't think that would increase his eligibility for a refund.

I'll poke someone to confirm it, though.