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3D Texturing
Hello people.

Many of you asked me to do this, so here we go.

There is some things about this thread:
- I will fill in this post gradually.
- This post will be huge and heavy, so you better have good unlimited I-connection.
- I'm asking some of the art smod guys (or someone who can and is willing) to edit this post without asking me, to clear it from grammar and spelling mistakes, cause my eng is bad.
- I'm asking to post in this thread your questions and suggestions, so i can add something or edit (some things could be complicated to understand and may be it had to be edited for better understanding)
- In this thread i'll post some of my works and works of other artists as examples. (I hope no one will take offense for this.)
- To work with this, you have to had ADOBE PHOTOSHOP cs3 or higher. If you advanced user of other soft, you will easily transfer all the things and ideas.
- Warning: This guide is not intended to teach drawing or working in Photoshop, and implies that you possess these skills. Although some of the things and tips I'll going to show.
THIS IS ADVANCED TEXTURING! You wont find here answers like how to buy/wear the textures, where texture files are located, how to re-size, transparency.. etc.
-This guide will help you learn how to texturing productively, will contain special Templates and Scripts to facilitate texturing. After studying it you will be able to create complex, connected, 3d-illusion sets.
- If you are ready to read this, you have to know that I won't post the same things several times. For better understanding, read from the begining. (For example: if I show a tip in the head section, I wont repeat it in the Joints section.)

Table of Contents:

There is several most common cases of how set can born.
Random birth.
You just want to make a set and even do not know about what. Some random shapes, lines.. You are just drawing something, experimenting with a filters and tools, and finally you got an image. That's a rare case. There is no idea and no ref pics before you start.

This early set of mine was made such way.

Hint and ref pic searching.
Short story as an example.
One day i was playing lenshu with one great guy and artist Taiga. We were talking about sets and ideas, something like "it will be great to make a set like ... and like.." And he told me that he had an idea - Cards. The next day i googled all that may present cards. I googled "Joker Cards" image and i loved it. Here it is.

Joker set ref pic

So I had enough inspiration to make a set...

Jester set 128px

This is Accidentally suggested idea and googled ref pic.
From the head.
You had an idea for a head texture only. Once i had this "Some future motorcycle helmet and an eyes behind the glass." The main experiment was to make an illusion of the glass visor.Then I liked head and discovered, that there is a way of making deep volumetric textures, no matter of that we got only simple shapes of the doll. In short, there Is no ref pics.

Early 2010 128px Rider set.

The Idea is given to you and you can use ref pic if you want to. The idea could be a sketch, ref pic or something that is clear to you. The easiest way to find idea. The bad thing, that you have to draw even if you don't want to (cause of request). I mean you wanted at start, and then inspiration was gone. In this case it happens that set could turn into a slipshod work or undone work.

Tigra set. 512px head, 256px rest (was requested a set of Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda )

Set for snake. full 512px (was requested a set of solid snake in nanosuite from the Metal Gear Solid )

Targeted search of a ref pic.
You are searching a pic of a character in the web. No idea, searching a ref pic and idea. There is some web sites with 3d-Characters where you can borrow an idea and find inspiration. (as example).
I was starting INOX set this way.

And the ref pic for INOX

link to the thread with a progress of this set in my sign.
Sudden inspiration of a pic.
You just surfing the web and finding an image. It could be a character or an element of something, or a something else. Sudden idea and sudden inspiration.

sudden ref for a Chrome shark

CHROME SHARK 512px set (click the set image for a full size preview 2,5 mb)

I got a few pics that was accidentally found by me and I'm ready to share, cause i believe it could turn into a great sets:

some ref pics

Your goal is to redraw/upgrade an old set. Old set is an Idea. Nothing to think about.

Ancient 128px Alucard set by Taiga

Reworked Alucard set full 512px.


not actual anymore, 3D TEXTURING FTW!

... in near future

3D texturing

First of all, you need a soft.

1) Mudbox 2014 sp1, or 2013
2) PS or Gimp (in gimp, manual opening of the PSD's.)

Second, is a model. (HOLD only. Relaxed and contr./extened joints models will be added later)



Texturing became easy, as 1,2,3. No mapping, No tons of separately edited files.

Step one
blah blah blah
nah.. id better do a video of all opportunities.


rus version

You can recolor the whole set fast using Hue and other tools.


import obj
download textures with correct bodyparts names
step 1. load the doll.obj
step 2. create materials for each part! they should be named differently.
step 3. import the layers on each part named as bodyparts.

and yes, You can make a great sets without ps or gimp in mudbox. But you'd better have a tablet.

And the favourite thing is COPYPASTING!!! Great oppotunity.

Also, I recomend you to watch some additional tuts in youtube about mudbox.

Good Luck and waitinf from you great sets!

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A lot of potential for this thread. Perhaps a section on mapping the feet and hand textures properly?
Originally Posted by joonveen View Post
A lot of potential for this thread. Perhaps a section on mapping the feet and hand textures properly?

i got this already, but in Russian lang. hard to translate properly.
godlike tutorial by texturing god. godly!
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Well I kind of skipped over the tutorial and stuff but skimmed it. Looks like it will be helpful for some people. Really liked the sources and heads (should put a source from halo and portal, great inspiration too)
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Well hopefully everything gets fixed soon . Also I think I commented before the update, nice with the hand templates
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