Ok guys ihere is my problem and i think that to solve this you will have to be a computer genius. When i click multiplayer its all fine but then i decide to join a server cause you know thats what im there to do and so i join one server everything appears to be fine until my turn to fight comes and toribash decides to trol me and crashes, ive tried to solve this by disabling firewall, thinking that it could be a problem of the computer not sending data to the servers but it the crash doesnt go away. i cant upload images to toribash forums eider but i can send an email with gmail with an image on it. So i would like to solve this plss aswer.
When I go to a server it doesn't crash, but when it's my turn it does. Any help? And it didn't do it before though
I have the same exact problem!
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I think i have a way to fix "Toribash goes slow when opening it"

You goto options and then to "Graphics" and Then Min. Or Low.

Hope This Help
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Toribash startup
When i start up toribash my screen is allways just black and i have to double tap escape for the starting game screen to come up. Also how do I know if my pc is 32 or 64 bit?

I was uninstalling a few program's recently and i uninstalled some things that may have been important, it was Microsoft c++ or something like that. Could that be the cause of the problem?
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When i enter multiplayer and connect to a server i can only watch one match and it crashes or whenever i play online it crashes instantly please help !

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