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Static like sound near the end of kiai - Steam version
Here is two videos comparing the file and how it sounds in game
it started happening when i put that song as kiai, i tried redownlading the song but it keeps happening, i tried restarting my computer too, even other players hear it
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Did this ever get resolved? I am having this same issue myself and idk how to fix it. it just wont go away no matter what the file is.

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Looks like someone has previously marked this as elevated without actually leaving any sort of response.

This is a result of your sound file having 48KHz sample rate and SDL_Mixer 2.6.2 having some sort of problem playing those correctly.
Today's update on Steam and the standalone 5.65 release will use a newer version of SDL_Mixer which looks to no longer suffer from this issue, but if you still encounter this weird static sound please post here.