Not Responding Bug
>Started the steam version of the game
>Changed the colors of my characters head in the inventory
>Restarted Game
>Game now loads in and runs for a few seconds and then stops responding while inventory loads forever every time
>Delete every file of the game on my computer and reinstall and it still stops responding
>Delete every file again
>Download epic games version and it runs
>Re Download steam version and now neither work
>Steam version only works when my computer is disconnected from the internet
I am the kind of player that uses the max dpi that my pc settings and my mouse can give me. Very speedy mouse. But the cursor in TBN is not influenced by these settings. I just cannot play with such a sluggish mouse. Maybe I am wrong on this, I did not test too much so maybe I missed a setting. It might sound like a minor inconvinience but for a player like me, it makes the game borderline unplayable.
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An update is now live on Steam that fixes some of the issues:

  • Fixed memory leak leading to abnormal RAM usage
  • Fixed bug with Room List menu not being scrollable
  • Fixed bug with incorrect total players / rooms online count display in Room List
  • Networking code improvements and fixes
  • Increased orbiting camera speed
  • Updated weapon materials and textures

Should become available on Epic later today or tomorrow as well.
Does a room with a dash instead of a player count mean the user has set the room limit to unlimited? It would be nice to see how many users are actually in the room.

Had a huge dose of lag after a game finished. I was hosting, I had two other users in there, I was in the queue. It seemed like the other two weren't experiencing it to the same level as I was because they were able to talk in chat, while the replay was at a stand still for me and I couldn't type. That's all the info I can give.


Prevent tab completion in the chat box from opening the mod menu.
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- Ghost Desyncs
- Cycling Through states seems to desync GUI state and the state being submitted
- Something seems off in the collision math, kicking the ground can send you to orbit in standard free play

- Why is joint state not displayed like in TB at the bottom of the screen by default?
- If Joint state is only shown on mouseover, why not show what joint as well? This is going to get super messy when actually playing against someone in a sumo.
Now doing recoloring for people not in the clan as-well, PM for more info!