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Pretty much yeah. Hello. New to Toribash, found it by chance on Youtube and wanted to try it out. Harder then I expected, but I'm guessing that isn't uncommon.

Either way figured I would drop by and say hello while I had the time.

The best I can say about my skill at the game is this: It's sad when you get your arms ripped off. To the training dummy.
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Hi there Xanmyral,glad to see someone with good grammar and punctuation.Welcome to toribash,and yeah it's kind of hard when you just started playing,hope you get better.
Greetings Xanmyral
im spitfired they call me spit sometimes
well someday you easily learn the basics to expert method well good luck and have fun on toribash
Hello, Xanmyral Welcome To Toribash. If our looking to get a good start in toribash, The clan Bleu (best clan for beginners) is the best place for you to go. To apply Click Clan (shown along the top bar) and go to list clans, choose Bleu and get started. Take my advice I've been there. ^_^ Have Fun!
Akmals Aikido Classes One Of The Best!!! Won 3 Tourneys in a row in less than 30 minutes! http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=296436