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OljiN is here! o.o
Hi everyone, I'm OljiN from Sweden
Been playing Toribash a little from time to time for a while now, and decided to sign up and become a little more serious with it now, since I still suck. xD

Random, useless thingies about me:

- I'm a cuber, meaning I solve Rubik's cube daily. (Geek point +1)
- Penspinner, so I spin pens and also those sticks you mostly see on penspinning videos.
- Listens to all kinds of EDM, but Trance and House is favourites
- Writing in a modified version of Dvorak, mostly for comfort and so people can't use my computer that easly. xD (Geek point +1)
- Watches anime, not hardcore though, just a few episodes from time to time.
- Tends to write lengthy posts on forums, while I keep myself short when doing essays.

Got many other hobbies and things I do on my free time, but this is things that is my main....traits?

However, nice to meet you all :3
I will try to stay away from them, don't know where they are yet though xd
I'm just putting my signature here...
You'll learn soon. Anyways, stay outside the box, be very wise with your words, listen to the rules, train hard, and have fun! Also, if you want someone to train you, I suggest Bleu, or Unibash. They both teach things amazingly. Welcome to the forum!
That guy named Poppo
You know, the leader of Fyre.
Bleu is currently your best friend. If you are looking to make a clan check out Anonymous in the Organizations section of "Clans".
Ok, thanks for the tips, will check out the trainers if I get stuck.
I'm just putting my signature here...