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Hey everybody im new to the game as you can see and im not very familiar with the game yet, so do you have any tips for me or anything?
Hi FluidM0nster. I would be happy to help you at any time. But your probably going to want to join a clan called [Bleu]. They help new players such as yourself.

Have fun.
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Explore the forums, read the stickies(the topics above all others in the list), feel free to post whenever you want, but of course, keep in mind common sense behavior. Be respectful towards others, don't go off topic or spam, things like that.

If you wanna learn how to play better, read/post in this board:

If you're looking for a clan to get started, Bleu is the best choice, as ToriTroll pointed out.

If you have any other questions, join the support IRC channel or PM me.

Welcome. ;)
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