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Imma Fastboy10
I need ppeople to come battle in the black belt rooms more.... DO dis for me pls. LOLZ

i have 16 users cause no one ever comes to the black belt rooms
so pls come
i need to fite people with my status...
There is no need to join black belt servers because now you are HERE. Make some friends, PM them to come ingame. you can also make you own server and invite your friends and play as long as you like.

Also, Welcome to the community! Have fun and if you have any questions regarding the game or forum, PM me.
Hello fastbai,
Remember to read the rules before ya go around posting, don't wanna get yourself b&.

Also do what Akmal said rather than making tons of Alts, its more fun for the new guys if there servers aren't filled with higher belt players.

Anyways welcome and stuffs
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Hello fastboy10. If you're tired of fighting no one in the black belt rooms, I suggest joining tournaments, or the quick aikido rooms. If you're going to stay on the forum, read the rules, and have fun!
That guy named Poppo
You know, the leader of Fyre.
welcome to community,before you explore furthermore
you can read here first
and if you have a problem in forum you can PM the blue or red people in here
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