welcome to community,before you explore furthermore
you can read here first
and if you have a problem in forum you can PM the blue or red people in here
"0h no" -Trice
A.K.A Tricerafi || Thanks Papa Donut, bless you
Welcome to Toribash.

Firstly, to get started, you should get your basic info in the "sticky" topics, the one in the top of all the others, from the Beginner Sanctuary.
This one specifically is more important:

And if you have any doubts about using the forum, you should read these:


Explore the forum , Read the guides etc

Here are some links which will help you :

Here is the University of Toribash which will teach you many things :

Join this clan , it helps new player :

Hope you have a good time in this community,

Welcome to the Toribash Community,

I hope you learn great things from this game and
when you need help, join [bleu] they will teach you stuff