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Hey I am Arthi93 i have the Blue belt. I found toribash on youtube and it makes fun to play the game =)
Hello Arthi. Remember me? I met you ingame, at beginner server.

And Welcome to the community!

Read General Forum Rules and the board's rules that you are posting in.

Have fun!
Hello arthi and welcome to the community. I'm pretty sure akmal told you about unibash ;)

But just in case, unibash will help you in many ways (art, ingame, marketting...).

If you have any questions, you can go to support and ask, that's the fastest way you'll get an answer, or you could also post it in the rapid threads board.

Enjoy your stay ;)
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Welcome to the community, Arthi! Like EJM had stated above, you can go to Unibash to generally teach you new stuff to help you play the game better. Very great stuff, you should definitely go and check it out.

Enjoy yourself, make some new friends, play nice with others.
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