For a start, did you check the access point you are using to connect to the internet? I had it sometimes where it wasn't very fast and it just straight up didn't let me go onto multiplayer, but I could use chrome etc. And if it is up to speed, then make sure you don't have multiple other things just draining the usage of that access point since multiple devices connected to it can also have that affect.
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Try to disable your anti virus
also check if your list has ticked boxes - Belt restriction etc, disable all of them (untick)
+ check if you are logged in toribash
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Oskar none of that is the cause and Abyss Minecraft and other games are fine. I want this resolved ASAP please! :C
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I had the problem, too, for me it just helped to click on "login" again and log myself in. That was everything I had to do.
Failed writing received data to disk/app
Same as 4.92 when I try to Login. Do I need more RAM or Memory or something? Do I need Faster Internet like 4G?
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Error message rather points towards permissions for saving files and so on, but I've experienced some people having the same problem and fixing it by dabbling in their connection. So it's most likely your internet's fault, and not speed but rather something blocking / not connecting to TB. You could try using VPN.

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What is VPN? :P Also where would I email Support again? Was it [email protected] or something?
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reviewing my comment, it's better to take that out
other than emailing tbsupport, it can be beneficial to try the #support channel in IRC
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