Toribash support email is [email protected]. Wouldn't make much sense for you to email it now as it's managed by me and I'm here.

First off, did you check your firewall settings? From what I saw in this thread you just kept saying that "it's not the issue because other games run for me".
If you can't log in, enter your login data in the tb_login.dat file.
If you can't connect to game rooms, what is the error message that you get?

Also, paste what you have in stderr.txt here.

If the problem you have disappears from time to time and then gets back, then it's most probably your connection issues and we can't really help you with that.
In the first happening it disappeared but now it's staying. I said Firewall isn't the problem, Login would be useless, I said no Error Message, It's not my Connection because Other Games Run.
Also to repeat what is VPN?
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