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[SOLVED] Texture Problem!
Hi, I recently got some joint textures and have had problems with one as well as just a regular body texture. When I go to choose a pic to put on my right wrist join texture it just shows this -> as the thumbnail same with the tricep texture. The thumbnail doesn't show the picture I selected, and when I go in game it doesn't show the texture I selected. I'm sure this is an easy fix I'm just dumb :P.
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Guys, have patience. The Coders prob. aint even online currently. It will get fixed soon just wait.
Uploading is broken yet again, like the time before last time, when hampa said disk was full and uploads failed.

This means uploading avatars, sounds, textures, attachments and so on is down. Wait for it to be fixed.

[16:45:58] <sir> uploading fixed

aaaand it's fixed
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