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Toribash Crash's everytime
In Duels in Selfbets and in Spars,Parkours etc. Everywhere and everytime the game crash's. If I play on Minimum it doesnt crash but If I play on Medium it always crash's. I dont want to play on Minimum ;_; Is there a way to play on better graphic's without crashing the game?
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Back at it again
Lower Frames Thing Option If Dosen't Work Them Your Computer Is Totally Shoet (lmao what is shoet?) anyway yeah try that
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You will get better responses in the support board.

Moving it there...

Be more careful where you post next time.
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Try to close as many useless programs such as google chrome or other applications.

If there's no pattern with the crashes then it's most likely the program is requiring more memory but it can't get any more due to it being used up so what kirito said, you'll need to get a better pc or try other methods to limit RAM usage but upgrading is your best bet.
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