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[SOLVED] My Headphones wont work.
Hi, i have bought the blue headphones that my tori can wear but it doesnt want to show, i activated it and no one, including me cant see them. So if you could give me suggestions on how to make it work again itll help.
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na man, others cant see it. i also still cant. Thanks thou, did try it.
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You have headphones on and Ill check if I can see them.
For you:
1. type /dl _volt_
2. if you can't see your headphones, go into setup->options and check "Effects always on".
3. if still nope, then /opt obj 1

For others:
they must have their effects on and must also type /dl _volt_ because as of now 3d items don't auto-update, they must manually download update of your looks or else they won't see it.

for some reason I can't download ANY of your custom folder, that's weird

okay so apparently due to underscores in your nick /dl command doesn't work; only seeing you ingame updates your items/textures but not 3d items, since they need to be updated with (not working) /dl command. Duh. Name change would be needed.
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