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Objects disappearing in mod maker
This is not a tutorial request...... I have made a mod that I can practise my parkour vaulting on, and I want to change the player position. So I go to the Adv tab and click on player position input a value, and boom, all my objects disappear.
Please Help.

With everything

Inputting the value


Uh I am not too experienced with Mod Maker, but does it happen when You change other values from this tab or only when You modify Player Position? In fact I had to modify Player Position in my mod and nothing like this happened, it was toribash 4.8 (no-Steam) tho.
I can change everything on the tab except player position and player rotation.
Uhhhh I need some help guys........ BUMP!
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as far as i remember it just happens, can't be helped really, either decide on positions at the beggining or edit them through notepad.
usually notepad is the best solution for last touches of mods.