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Customs unable to be downloaded
Ok so I'm having this problem with Toribash wherein I can't download anyone's customs/textures. I tried using /dl VICTOREE and then /lp 0 VICTOREE but nothing shows up. I checked the customs folder and then there's just this equipment.dat and item.dat

And then it doesn't show any texture at all. even the pre loaded ones like hampa's.

Here's the error log in stderr


I'm using Toribash 4.92 and I have allowed it access to both Firewall and Administrator stuff. It's not Hidden nor read only.

When i use Toribash 4.62 It shows the textures but still unable to download customs.

There's also the unable to login problem where when i go to main menu and login there's always an error but that has been already solved by directly playing multiplayer.

Toribash is having a lot of bugs and glitches right now....
Be wary for the signs