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Items from a LONG time ago still active?
So, I used to own an olive left leg trail. I sold it MONTHS ago, maybe even more than a year, and yet... I still see it on my Tori

Just recently I got rid of a grip sound and a kiai sound and they're still active. How do I make them go away?
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Well first you need to get into your customs folder
if you don't know how to do that, I'll tell you.
This is how I do it, I don't use steam, it might/might not work with steam
Click on toribash once
Then right click
Then click on open file location
Then scroll up to custom, click on it
Find your custom folder
Delete everything inside it
then go ingame and /dl boerhae
Hope it works!
Normally just going ingame and typing
/dl boerhae
/lp 0 1
/lp 0 boerhae
But if it doesn't, uh idk.
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Thanks, I tried it, let me see if it works
DERP, forgot to update this. It didn't work, at least not for the leg trail, haven't tested the sounds yet
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Boerhae, making a glorious return!